Top Favs in Kota Kinabalu

During our adventures last Spring in Indonesia we decided to spend about five days in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

The truth is … you always need more time, but our few days there were filled with adventure. Making new friends, trying new foods and scuba diving for the first time to name a few!

We took boats to different islands and brought our own snorkel gear. Sapi was gorgeous and it was amazing to float in the water and see all the fishes swim by. islandlifeindo

KK has so many markets! Seeing Mango flavored cotton candy was a real dream!mangocottoncandymalasysia

We got bit by the Scuba Bug! Sooooo crazy/scary/coolscubadivinginmalaysia

Delicious meal – no silverware required! malaysiacurry

Frolicking in the Mangrove Forrest and sweating through our clothes.mangroveforestsabah

Sunset viewing with a beer in hand… no matter where you are it feels good to get these little moments.kotakinabalu-malaysia

Angkor Wat?!


angkor-427_1280 angkor-434_1280 angkor-433_1280 angkor-431_1280 angkor-435_1280 angkor-428_1280 angkor-470_1280 angkor-468_1280 angkor-wat-257186_1280 cambodia-192183_1280 cambodia-192181_1280 angkor-wat-319017_1280 angkor-wat-142391_1280 angkor-142389_1280 angkor-469_1280 angkor-142388_1280 cambodia-287266_1280 cambodia-287277_1280 cambodia-178539_1280 cambodia-178541_1280 cambodia-287271_1280

Amazing, huh?! Angkor Wat is breathtakingly beautiful. I feel truly lucky to have been able to experience this place.

When it was time to leave Chiang Mai we were sad but also really excited to get to Cambodia and visit Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor Wat.

We had to fly through Bangkok again. At this point in the trip we realize it is definitely better to book flights at the airport with a ticket agency instead of online.

For the Cambodian visa you pay $20 USD plus $1 USD for a picture, alternatively you could bring a copy of your passport picture so you don’t have to pay the $1!

We exchanged money to Riel ( their currency). We were able to use it everywhere but EVERYTHING was quoted in USD. If I went back I would probably just use USD.

I really loved Siem Reap! The people are all so friendly. I have heard from numerous people that there is just something about Cambodia that really captures your heart! It is totally true! I would love to go back at some point, maybe volunteer with an NGO.

All the temples of Angkor Wat are amazingly breathtaking. We spent two mornings exploring the temples and it was definitely time well spent!

We also went to the museum where they touch upon the history of The Kingdom of Cambodia, its Kings, what temples they built, what religion was practiced at what times and how it influenced the buildings – oh and don’t forget over 1000 buddhas! Really worth it to go if you have the time!

Peace Cafe is AMAZING!

We stayed at Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel. Not near the main area, about a $3 tuk tuk ride to and fro. We had an online deal for this hotel, which made it $20 a person a night.  Pricier than what we had been spending, but it did include breakfast.