Links I Love – Moons, Careers, Avocados and Beer ( duh!)

If your Friday night plans don’t include a Full Moon, Comet and Lunar Eclipse you are missing out! I am hoping our skies are clear enough to check this out!

Maybe this weekend you are going to do a little soul searching, career got you in a rut? I enjoyed this article from Fast Company about the skills you really need when starting your career.

If your weekend takes you out on an adventure with friends you may need to use this Beer-Based Gratitude Scale to show them your appreciation.

Avocado toast is an important part of most of my days and an un-ripe avo will give me the blues. This is an awesome article about how to quickly ripen an avo!

Now just for some fun, inspiration reading, this NY Times article about Russel Westbrook.

Goodbye Oklahoma!

Weather in Oklahoma is certifiably crazy. Its hard to tell at any given moment just what it is going to do. This morning we had a thunderstorm and it was amazing! Growing up and living on the coast of California hasn’t provided me with two many opportunities for a good ole thunder and lightening show.

Its so bittersweet heading back to SF. I am so very sad to leave my family, but I knew this was coming, it was a visit not an extended stay.


I will miss the landscape and the simplicity.


The horses and the home cooked meals.


I love this poem. So sweet. My Grandma has it framed in her utility room and it always makes me smile.

Oklahoma, this is goodbye. Thank you for the sun, the ice, the cold, and the thunder.  I will miss you and your bi-polar tendencies.