The Majestic city of Madrid

There is so much to do and see in Madrid!

Madrid is the capital of the diverse country of Spain. While the royal family no longer lives in Spain – the royal palace is located here.

The streets are winding which you will eventually get accustomed to ( after a day or so) and even after a day of drinking canas you will be able to find your way home.

A must stop is San Gines which opened in 1894 and is world famous for their Churros con Chocolate.

They are open 24 hours so after a night of enjoying Madrids’ night life you can grub down.

IMG_2929 IMG_2924

A great little tapas bar we found. Anchovies or Sardines ( !?) on top of potato chips – with a cold beer – ohhh yah!IMG_2922 IMG_2921 IMG_2919 IMG_2918 IMG_2917 IMG_2913 IMG_2914 IMG_2915

A beautiful night stroll!IMG_2438 IMG_2436 IMG_2435

80 cent beers with free tapas! Get outta here or rather hang out there all afternoon! IMG_2433 IMG_2431 IMG_2429

Comida tipica y deliciso. IMG_2426

Coolest bathroom.IMG_2424 IMG_2421 IMG_2420 IMG_2419 IMG_2418 IMG_2417 IMG_2412 IMG_2413

Secret Garden.IMG_2415 IMG_2416 IMG_2411 IMG_2409 IMG_2408 IMG_2407 IMG_2405

Rooftop bar moon views.IMG_2404 IMG_2401 IMG_2389 IMG_2388

Pool time and tinto de verano. ( what the locals drink) 

While there is no beach near Madrid you can go to one of the many public pools. The pool cost 6 euros and is a great way to siesta. Purchase a glass of tinto de verano and relax.

bottomless mimosas and amazing burgers!IMG_2385 IMG_2384 IMG_2383

We stayed at Way Hostel C/Relatores 17 Madrid Spain

Our hostel provided churros every morning for breakfast it was so amazing with some dark, hair on your chest, coffee.

If you like to meet people and interact with your fellow travelers then this is a great place for you!

I wouldn’t recommend going in July unless you enjoy hot hot heat, other than that GO and enjoy Madrid it is a remarkable city.