Street Art of San Juan

Street Art in San Juan Puerto Rico is a feast for the eyes. If you have a rental car I  highly recommend heading to a few different neighborhoods where street art is most prevalent. It is constantly changing and always eye catching. We were able to view a couple individuals working on their pieces and it was truly mesmerizing I could not believe that they were able to create such detail on such a large scale.  IMG_6089IMG_6090IMG_6092IMG_6093IMG_6095IMG_6097IMG_6098IMG_6099IMG_6102IMG_6104IMG_6106IMG_6107

Food by night in Old San Juan


One of our favorite meals in Puerto Rico at Deaverdura.


No menus here. I ordered fish ( melt in your mouth amazing), plantains, and roasted vegetables with a cilantro sauce ( not pictured). 
We asked them to crack open our coconuts so we could eat the meat. Dessert at its healthiest. 


Blessed Cafe  We ordered Paella and Mojitos. The best!


Head to The Bar at La Terraza de San Juan for amazing tapas and cocktails. Here we have a refreshing Hibiscus Cocktail.
Coffee Cocktail
Coconut Ice Cube with Scotch

The food and drinks in Old San Juan did not disappoint. If you are in Old San Juan please check out these places!

Beer and Beaches: Puerto Rico Style

We begin another day with plans to visit Cueva del Indio, seven arches and Rincon…but first coffee…

After a bit of yelping we decided to go to Cafe Cuatro Sombras we had delicious lattes and a slice of banana bread. So good.


After fueling up we got on the 22 and headed towards Cueva del Indio. After maybe 30 minutes we got off 22 at Barceloneta and headed towards the coast.


YOWZA, right? What a beautiful coast line.


La Cueva del Indio and the Seven Arches is a must see! As of March 2016 it was $10 for two people. Worth every penny. Highly Recommend.


Don’t let the ladder scare you – go explore the caves below.



After some luscious beach views we got back on the road to head to Rincon.



We have arrived!

I had randomly found Bros Brewhouse online the night before and when we saw it roadside we quickly pulled over!

It has surprised me this whole trip what great beers they have from breweries through the U.S., however, since we are in Puerto Rico we have been exclusively drinking P.R. beers.


We had a Boqueron Brewing Co. Extra Pale Ale – very refreshing. Off to try some more brews at Rincon Beer Company!


We tried the 4 local beers on tap and LOVED the Passion Fruit blonde. This surprised me because I don’t find myself typically drawn to blondes. A real fun tidbit is that you can take go cups.. so down to the beach we went go cup in hand.

After a lovely beach sesh we went to La Cambija.   Everything we ate here was phenomenal. The fish tacos x2, tostones and empanadillas were a very pleasant treat. No beach view but I would recommend.


Had a wonderful day exploring a few beaches and beers Puerto Rico style.

Puerto Rico es muy delicioso

Coming to Puerto Rico this week is the most spontaneous thing I have ever done. I bought a ticket Tuesday night and was on a plane Friday!  When opportunity knocks you have to answer. 

I didn’t do much research at all before coming to Puerto Rico which is odd for me because I love planning. It has been both fun and refreshing to plan each day as it comes.

Our first two nights we stayed at the Condado Hilton Plaza. It is a beautiful location between the lagoon and ocean. Close to restaurants and easy to get to from airport and to the 22 which will take you along the coast. 

Our room was spacious and we enjoyed the hotel grounds.



Our first night we headed to Hacienda Don Jose. We wanted something casual, authentic and with an ocean view. They have windows that look out over the water and its a really fun experience.  We ordered their house version of a pina colada, totones with carnitas and mofongo relleno. All delicious and very filling. Friendly staff, they have drink specials but we wanted a certain drink which was not on special! IMG_5653IMG_5657IMG_5656IMG_5655

View from hotel at night.IMG_5675IMG_5666IMG_5669

With a four hour time change, coffee the next morning was a necessity. We went to Hacienda San Pedro in San Juan. It was crowded on a weekend morning with locals and tourists alike. We enjoyed coco yogurt and delicious lattes.


After fueling up we got on the road on our way to Cueva Ventana. Cueva Ventana is a must see! You will have to take a tour which costs about $20 a person. We arrived at around 10 am on a weekend and it was yet to get crowded. By the time our tour was complete the parking lot had filled up a lot.


After our jaunt to Cueva Ventana we decided to head further into the mountains. Off the 10 we took 146 past a roadside fruit stand where we picked up tiny bananas, a HUGE avocado and coconuts! The roadside stand is right on Lago Dos Bocas.


From there we wanted to head to Jayuya by taking the 533 but the two connections to 533 were closed – we ran into two other vehicles also trying to get to Jayuya . After finally coming to the realization that Jayuya might not happen we decided to head towards the 149 and hope to get away from the crazy mountain roads we were traversing. We came across Casa Vieja and it was a welcome beacon! We quickly pulled over and were pleasantly surprised. The inside is very rustically styled, the food is affordable and the passion fruit mojitos are delicious ( delicious doesn’t do them justice  – that good). Blanca was our server and seemed to know everyone that came in – she was friendly and gave us her card and told us to call her if we needed anything! The sweetest. I would 10/10 recommend this place.

IMG_5760IMG_5762IMG_5764IMG_5757IMG_5765 Even though it was raining we decided we had to hit a couple waterfalls. The rain would not mess with our plans! We continued on 149, saw an awesome waterfall name unknown.


Continued on 149, turned on 533, continue on 533 you will see a colorful bridge and the delicious falls will be on the left hand side. Yes, you read right, they are called Las Delicias Falls and they do NOT disappoint. ( Side note: the website Puerto Rico day trips is truly amazing for planning a vacation to Puerto Rico.)


Although it was pouring rain we couldn’t have been more pleased. The falls were beautiful and no one was there. On a nice day, I think it would be awesome to take a dip in the falls.

After leaving the falls, we headed back towards 149 to hit Dona Juana Waterfall and Cerro De Punta, the tallest point in Puerto Rico.


From Cerro de Punta we continued on 143 and connected with the 10 and took that all the way to 22 and back to San Juan.


Once back in San Juan after a day of driving and exploring we had dinner reservations at one of our hotels restaurants Pikayo.

We created our own cocktails of pineapple juice, coconut water and clear rum! They were delicious and felt healthy.


We ordered the “Cerdo Iberico Carne Frita Pinchos” with Pickled Shallot Emulsion – So good.
Caribbean Lentil “Gandules” Risotto with Pork Cracklings

Delicious food and delicious views a great start to our time in Puerto Rico!