Links I love to get you into the Weekend

In need of more trip ideas? Check out this list of most iconic placesΒ and when you are headed there make sure to pack some of these essentials for surviving abroad.

I would like to think that I could have a home on wheels and I love how simplistic and affordably this guy converted his truck.

When I am not dreaming about being a vagabond I like to find ways to make my home more homey. A perfect way to do this, in my opinion would be to grow your own hops!

Always love a good wellness article and this one in particular is in relation to foods that give you glowing skin. Β  Now who doesn’t want that??

Places to go.

I have been thinking lately of things I want to add to my bucket list – but its really difficult.

My coworker, Manny, brought up a really good point.

Most likely if you know about something you are going to do it or have done it already.

He suggested trying to expand my horizons.. well I think he is right.

So in order to expand your horizons here is an article that features awesome places around the World.

ChChCheck it out!

52 Places to go in 2014