A rainy day in NYC

Usually when I am traveling I dislike the rain. The rain means that whatever activity I had planned will be affected. The rain can really put a ‘damper’ on things, you feel me? However, I am really coming to appreciate going indoors for entertainment.

On this rainy day in New York City we decided to check out the Met. Lucky for us it wasn’t too crowded and we went right in!

I have been told that the Met is America’s premier art museum and it did not disappoint!


The floor tile might not be art to all but I really loved the pattern.


Really cool ceiling installation.img_0453

Art Deco fireplace that made you stop and stare… they sure don’t make them like they used to!img_0462img_0464

A little workout inspo …img_0465

It was interesting to see armor at different times in history.img_0466img_0473img_0478

After all that museuming a girl can get hungry, we yelped and found The Penrose. 10/10 reccomend! Amazing cocktails and food!


I had the Beet Bloody Mary and it definitely made my life. So delicious.img_0486img_0488img_0491

Can you believe I haven’t had Chicken and Waffles??! Well I picked a great place to try it – so delish!img_0492img_0493img_0494

I loved how they had different vibes through the restaurant. Really cool space and it will become one of my NYC must dos.img_0495img_0498img_0501

No trip is complete without park walking and Banana Pudding from Magnolia’s Bakery.img_0507

A City view from Harlem.Breathtaking. img_0508

A cool little beer spot … a beer turned into 2 and 3 plus dinner!img_0529

Earl’s Beer and Cheese, a great selection of Beer and amazing food. The beer cheese is outta this world.img_0530img_0531img_0532img_0533img_0535

A little late night stroll to burn all the beer and cheese! img_0538img_0539img_0543img_0544img_0546img_0552

Little taste of Brooklyn and NYC

We arrived to Brooklyn at around 11:30 pm, our airbnb was in a really interesting area. It was on top of what looked like a dry cleaning company. Very industrial but with a cool view of the city skyline!img_0317

Loved seeing this vintage taxi!img_0325

We went to Cafe Luluc for breakfast and they did not disappoint! We walked right in but about 10 / 15 minutes after we were seated there was a line up of folks waiting for a table.img_0327

The pancakes were by far the highlight of the meal but who doesn’t love fries for breakfast!img_0331

The Brooklyn Bridge park is really really cool! Calling it a park does not do it justice at all! They have soccer fields, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts and a floating food forest. The city planners in San Francisco should take note! We need something like this.img_0558img_0344img_0349img_0358img_0362

If there is any doubt in your mind where to get pizza – go to Grimaldi’s  if the line is long, which it probably will be note that you can walk right in and place a to go order and within 10 minutes you will have an amazing pizza to enjoy somewhere outside… I would much rather sit outside than in a two hundred year old building! img_0364

The pizza is SO fresh … a large might not be enough!img_0367

Love walking across the Brooklyn Bridge…over the course of this day we walked over 10 miles… I like to call it Urban Hiking! After all the eating and drinking – this is much needed!img_0374

A few stops on Wall Street… img_0389img_0391

We will never forget where we were on September 11, 2001 and being able to take a moment here at the memorials and pay homage to all the lives affected is an experience that everyone should take part in. The museum is really thought provoking and I definelty reccomend going in and spending time there.img_0394

The Garret is a fun little speakeasy situation that you can only get to by going through the Five Guys on the corner. It is pretty hard to imagine that this gem is up there but it is and its definitely worth hitting. img_0396img_0397img_0400

Anywhere that has Mezcal cocktails is already winning but this place sure knows how to make them right. Fun atmosphere until a birthday party showed up and really overtook the small space. Would definelty go back and try some of the other fun cocktails!img_0405

A stroll through Washington Square Park to take some time between eating and drinking! img_0406

My favorite unexpected spot in NYC this trip was by far McSorley’s Old Ale House.  On a rainy Saturday afternoon it was full but the service was amazing, I could easily spend a day there, drinking two steins at a time.img_0409img_0415

They have two options here, light and dark. Order one and you get two steins. This is also a must hit for me… if you like beer that is!img_0417

Waiting for Death & Co. to open at 6 pm… fun drinks and great appetizers. Highly reccomend the chicken sliders! If you aren’t a cocktail person you are going to purchase a very expensive beer…img_0419

Always love going to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in NYC – so decadent and not necessary but really good!img_0427

We finished the night at Comedy Cellar  – when in NYC you must go to a Comedy Show. I do reccomend making reservations and arriving early… you don’t want to be in the very front ( maybe you do…) but you also don’t want to be in the very back. It is definelty a goldielocks type situation.

City that Never Sleeps : Part 3


Double Dutch Espresso in Harlem. 

The exterior and interior is adorable. Friendly staff, delicious coffee and pastries to stay in ( free Wifi) or walk around with. Near Columbia which is a beautiful campus to walk around. Highly reccomend if you are in the area.


Hanging out around Columbia University!


New York Public Library 


Hilarious Drinking Fountain


2nd Ave Deli 

This Deli was recommended to us by our friend who is Jewish so I felt pretty confident that I was going to enjoy my meal here. The moment we walked in we felt like family and that feeling stayed with us throughout the meal. I ordered the half pastrami with matzo ball soup and a latke. The pastrami and matzo ball soup were some of the best I have ever had and the latke was a totally different experience than the latkes I have had in the Bay Area. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here and would 10/10 recommend.


Chocolate Seltzer at the end of our meal! So Delicious.


Grand Central Station


Viewing of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah! Reserve tickets online, then go day of at 2:30 to get your tickets, walk around, get food or beer and then head back at 4:30 for the taping. The taping will take until about 7 pm.
Loving ALL the tulips and Spring Time blooms!
We were trying to find a roof top bar, and in April their roof top wasn’t open but since we were there we went to their bar/ cafe and enjoyed some drinks while reminiscing on our weekend!


Such a fun experience! I highly suggest going to a live audience show. SO much fun and really interesting to see the behind the scenes.

New York New York : Part 2

Another Beautiful Day in NYC
Brunch of Lox and Bagels
Tulips are blooming all over the city.
Central Park lovin’


Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery is a must eat. They have a location a few blocks from the park, grab a little treat and enjoy it outside.IMG_6610

The Roof  is a great little bar with an incredible view. Yes the drinks are more expensive than you might pay elsewhere but the view is amazing!IMG_6612IMG_6617

For dinner, we went to Boqueria in SoHo after the restaurant we wanted to go to had a three hour wait.  It was a great choice. Delicious food and friendly staff. When I am back I would try this for Brunch it looks delicious.IMG_6620IMG_6622

Next, we headed to Washington Square Park. At night, the park was filled with musicians and performers.  IMG_6626IMG_6632

Dessert anyone?IMG_6633IMG_6635IMG_6636IMG_6640IMG_6642

Off to the most touristy spot ever – Time Square.IMG_6644IMG_6645IMG_6647IMG_6649IMG_6658

Get a great view of the Empire State Building from the Rooftop Bar at the Marriott Vacation Club. IMG_6706Then to get a great view of the city head up the Empire State Building. Open until 2 am so plenty of time to get that night scape view. It is truly breathtaking. What a view!IMG_6670IMG_6673IMG_6697

Ended the night in the most New York way possible, a NY Slice from NY Pizza Suprema.IMG_6775

Big Apple : Part 1

We arrived at night so waking up to blue skies and Brownstones was truly breathtaking.


Experience with the Subway = confusing but we always got where we needed. Additional transportation note, I do think Taxis are better than Uber in the City, tended to be cheaper slash no surcharge.


First meal in the City, Brooklyn Bagel Company. Look at all that Schmear! IMG_6487IMG_6488IMG_6489IMG_6490

Cruised down 8th ave, eating our bagels on our way to the Whitney. It was such a wonderful walk on this glorious Spring day.IMG_6492

View from Top of the Whitney.


The High Line from above. A must walk in NYC.IMG_6500IMG_6501IMG_6502IMG_6503IMG_6504IMG_6505IMG_6507IMG_6508Brooklyn, A subway ride away.IMG_6509IMG_6511IMG_6512IMG_6513IMG_6566IMG_6516IMG_6519IMG_6520Another must do: Brooklyn Bridge.IMG_6523IMG_6525IMG_6526IMG_6527IMG_6528IMG_6529IMG_6530IMG_6532IMG_6542IMG_6544IMG_6545 To be honest if I was traveling alone or with different friends I might not have gone to  the One World Trade Center or the 9/11 Memorial Museum but I think it was a really worthwhile experience and while heartbreaking its important to remember. IMG_6546

At this point we embarked on a bit of a German Beer Hall extravaganza. Loreley, nice German beer selection and a fun place to watch local games.Very lively. Zum Schneider has just about the cutest decor ever.IMG_6547IMG_6548When you can’t get a dinner reservation until 10:30 you go get dessertIMG_6549IMG_6551IMG_6552IMG_6554

and then a beer… at the Barcade. Great beer selection and games ( if you are in to that sorta thing.)IMG_6556

German Beer and Wiener Schnitzel at Edi and the Wolf.IMG_6557IMG_6559IMG_6563IMG_6564

We ended the night at Gotham Comedy Club which was the BEST. Sure it started after Midnight but when in NYC one must comedy.