Links I Love: Jobs, Hair and Ingredients

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French Women are so chic so I loved this article about what they don’t do to their hair…At least I am doing one thing right – not washing my hair!

While I myself am not looking for a job – I forwarded this to a friend who is and it seems super helpful.

This is one of the coolest things I have seen this year! If you can work remotely take advantage and rent an apartment around the world.

Stop, take a moment and appreciate the small things.

Companies are sneaky and if you aren’t careful items you think are healthy will be filled with scary ingredients, check out this list for things you shouldn’t buy.

My new thing : Headscarves

Headscarves are not a new thing but recently when I was watching RHOD, that’s The Real Housewives of Dallas for those that didn’t know I saw Tiffany Hendra wearing one and was like I need to try this!

Example of Tiffany’s headscarf:

Photo taken from the Real Housewives of Dallas. 

My interpretation: 

Daytime headscarf then a little dressier headscarf for dinner!
The headscarf for me is like the beanie of summer… Thoughts!? I like it and think I’ll be trying it out again.