Brews, Foods and Views.

Breakfast at Cafe Reverie in Cole Valley. Almost made a work day feel like a weekend.

IMG_9862Sunday morning breakfast after a spin class. At first I hated spin but I have really grown to love the intense sweat sesh it brings. Maybe one day I will get out on a real bike!

IMG_0064Brunch at Elmwood Cafe in Berkeley.  Everything I have tried here has been amazing!  Double mocha, coconut scone with lime curd, pear coffee cake, lemon waffle with blueberries and curd, poached egg sandwich and quiche.

IMG_0023A tasting at the Torpedo Room. Always new brews to try and enjoy.

IMG_0027 Sometimes San Francisco can be so peaceful. My friend is lucky to have this as her daily view!


Feeling Laughy

“When you love and laugh abundantly you live a beautiful life” – found this gem on Instagram a while back but can’t find who said it…? any takers. 

This resonates most days but today felt especially silly and I thought to myself, thank God that I am able to laugh and be happy. I am definitely a lucky one.

Especially when I take a walk outside and see this view…Image

Laughing, Happy and Living.