Hike, Blade and Beach

Our next morning started out at a newer SLO fav, Scout Coffee. They now have two locations in San Luis and we went to the shop on  Foothill Foothill. The decor is on point and their homemade almond milk will make you sing.

I tried the scone with scallions and goat cheese which was delicious. The vibe was LOUD… I don’t know how someone could study there but maybe on a weekday it would be less rambunctious. scoutcoffeeimg_3454scoutcoffeeimg_3456

After our coffee and pastries, we headed to Avila to hike the Ridge Trail. This time we parked closer to Pirates Cove… off Cave Landing.

We started at the hill of doom, much better going up than down.hillofdeathavilaridgetrail

Once we caught our breaths… well once I caught my breath we selfied 🙂bestiesavilaridgetrail

SO amazingly beautiful and vast. Once we were leaving we noticed that it had gotten a lot more crowded. We were lucky that we had so much alone trail time.avilaridgetrailwildflowersofavilaridgetrailavilaridgetrailpeace

After our hike, we put on our blades and rolled down the Bob Jones Trailbobjonesbladeseash

Once in Avila, we stopped for lunch and brews and then headed back on the trail to finish our 5 mile round trip blade sesh.midbladelunchatcustomhouseavila

Saturday Night, we had plans to camp at Montana de Oro State Park.   This is probably one of the most beautiful places you will ever go in your life. mdomdosunsetmdoimg_9237montanamdoimg_3499sunsetbestiesmdosunsetatmdoyummysunsetatmdo

Is this real life??? Views and Brews?!! On this somewhat stormy Saturday Night Libertine Pub in Morro Bay was pretty empty but a live band came on at eight that brought in more of a crowd. We enjoyed dinner and a few brewskies. libertinepub

What a fulfilling day!

Be Present.

Have I said this before? Maybe it is more of a reminder for myself than for you. 

The last few weeks I have become vigilant in practicing yoga for about 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon. 

A way to stretch my body and mind to start the day positively and end the day on a good note. 

If you know me or follow this blog you can tell that I am active – I thrive on being outdoors and adventuring. I love being around people – I crave human interaction.  So much so I forget to take moments just for myself. 

Even when I am alone at home or walking to and from I will call someone or play music.. I  rarely allow time to be and do nothing. 

I have tried to get better at pausing.  I don’t always need to be on the go or planning. Balance is key. 


Takeaway, don’t just do something or be apart of it because you can. Do it because you love it, do it because it means something to you.

In the busyness, in the quite, with loved ones, be present. 

Don’t fill time just to fill it.  I’m trying. I’m a work in progress, but I am making progress.