Will you Beer my Valentine?

If your Valentine is a beer lover or in my case,you are a beer lover who wants to send your friends beer-tastic Valentines then look on for some cute inspiration. 

I went to Michael’s Craft Store with a few ideas and walked out an hour later with beer stickers, sparkly sharpies and card stock. 

I had so much fun making these cards and I hope my friends enjoy getting them!


Things on Thursday.

Things to do, things to eat, things to go. January 23 edition.

Things to do: A sweet DIY project from Swell.com’s blog.


Things to eat: LOVE CRUNCH – you will love it and love me for telling you about it!


Things to go: Get outside! I am so blessed to work so close to the sea! Regardless of where you are try to get out there – trust – you will feel so much better!


Other things I should know about? Let me know!

Holiday Vibes

The days leading up to Christmas are always so exciting for me. Placing the finishing touches on gifts for loved ones. Ice skating, tree trimming, baking, hot drinks, crocheting, and fire place sitting.



Crocheting a scarf for my friend!


Christmas Tree at night.


My coworker bought me a hot chocolate today as part of the Lululemon Holiday challenge. #nohumbug

— All day, at all times

Lead with a smile and a positive attitude will follow

Follow your passion

Inspire others

Act more

Don’t overthink

Love without constraints—