Current Food Lovin’

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. (2)

I always have a craving for something sweet after a meal. Lately, since I am trying to be healthy I will attempt to have tea but if that won’t do it here is a fun little one cup cookies recipe.

Do you take a lunch to work or make one at home? I love this little video of weekday lunch ideas.

Popcorn and chocolate give me energy?! Sign me up. Great list of high energy snacks!

Artichokes and I go way back, I have loved them for a long time. This crispy roasted artichoke recipe brings new life to an old favorite.

I could have hummus everyday and its Mother approved because its so dang good for you. These hummus recipes are steadily going to make it into my Summer rotation.



Naked Lunch


Naked Lunch is a great place to head for lunch if you work in or near the financial district.

You side up to the bar and order your food and beverages.


The bartenders are nice and knowledgable. I had an amazing brew from Fort Point a local San Francisco Brewery.

The beer I had was a speciality from when Fort Point did a tap takeover at Naked Lunch during beer week. It was a truly delicious drink and I wish I had not lost the receipt I wrote the name down on!

If you get a chance to try Fort Point do it!


We dined on Mary’s Farm Fried Chicken Sandwich AND a Lamb Cheesesteak sandwich. Crispy French fries were shared amongst the table.

IMG_0012 IMG_0008


I can’t wait to go back again and I hope you try to stop in for a bite.
I would say walking to and from the office plus lunch took about 1.5 hours. Worth It.

SF Beer Week 2015

All of us in the Bay Area are currently coming off of our Beer Week high.  I went out of town for the weekend ( I know my bad) so I missed quite a few events but the places I did get to check out were nothing short of amazing.

First stop, Pi Bar. Now, Pi Bar is a great place to go at any time for food, brews and friendly fast service. This particular night of Beer Week they were showcasing Russian River Brewery.


I tried the Supplication Sour with Cherries, the Consecration Sour with Currants and the Erudition Saison.

All were amazing but the Saison was out of the world! Flavor, smell – just thinking about it makes me dreamy.
IMG_9819Next stop, Zeitgeist.  This is probably my favorite outdoor beer drinking spot in the city, has been since day one. They did not disappoint with their Beer Week showcase. They had over 15 beers from Almanac. I was able to try most of them since I went with a bunch of folks. If you have the chance to try Almanac – DO IT! They use locally sourced fruit and their (slogan?) is ‘Farm to Barrel’ LOVE it. Every beer I tried I enjoyed.

My favorites were the Bourbon Sour Porter, Sourdough Wild Ale and Dogpatch Strawberry. 
IMG_9827Next night, we went to Cellarmaker. They have an awesome tasting room.

I had the Red Wine Jezebel, Bourbon Barrel Vastness of Space and I see a DANKNESS.

All so beautifully good.

For dinner, we had THE holy grail of dinners. You have to GO next year ( I will be) and dreaming about it every night until then.

The food was out of this world and the pairings were so on par that my friends and I couldn’t believe how wonderful the meal was.

Even though, you missed out on the pairing this year you should still go to MaMa Ji’s. I love this place.  


I hope you enjoyed Beer Week and will try to check out some of these awesome places and brews.


Cauliflower Crust P-I-Z-Z-A!!!

Give me pizza! On any given day I want pizza, or Mexican food, but today was pizza!

So, in order to attempt a healthier pizza and use the head of cauliflower in my fridge I thought I would finally try a cauliflower pizza crust.

A lot of the recipes were also vegan, they used flax seed and almond flour. However, a lot of the reviews said they were crumbly or didn’t set up properly so I thought I would save that culinary adventure for another day!

The recipe I ended up using was from good ole Paula Deen!

I followed her crust recipe. My roommate made an amazing sauce and sauteed Brussels and zucchini. We then placed kale, tomato, basil and bell pepper on top with a quarter of the pizza with cheese on top.

It was goood! Don’t get me wrong, I will still enjoy ‘normal’ pizza but this is truly a great alternative! Enjoy!