From LA to Vegas

You may not believe this but until this trip I hadn’t been to Vegas… it just isn’t my steeze and after going to Vegas I can safely say I don’t need to go back.  The drive from LA to Vegas is rather beautiful. Lots of snow capped mountains and even some cool art instillations. lasvegasthumb_img_1559_1024

We all love Food Network and thought it would be fun to check out Giada’s restaurant. Her menu looks great with lots of smaller dishes to try and share. My favorite was probably the side of broccolini… delish! I also enjoyed the Tangerine / Tequila drink. lasvegasthumb_img_1565_1024lasvegasthumb_img_1566_1024lasvegasthumb_img_1567_1024

Really amazing parmesan crackers. Can I get those to go?lasvegasthumb_img_1568_1024lasvegasthumb_img_1570_1024

I have been to NYC twice and still haven’t made it to Serendipity so when in Vegas we finally had a frozen hot chocolate! I reccomend sharing with friends as it is extremely rich and sweet. lasvegasthumb_img_1572_1024

I was beside myself when I saw this Dolly slot machine. If I was a gambling lady I think this machine would have brought me luck!lasvegasthumb_img_1573_1024

The Bellagio botanical garden was decked out for Christmas and while it was extremely crowded it was also really beautiful.lasvegasthumb_img_1574_1024lasvegasthumb_img_1576_1024lasvegasthumb_img_1577_1024

This Joker was a little creepsville. lasvegasthumb_img_1578_1024

We then hit the Chandelier Bar in The Cosmo. Ironically, my friend, Chelsea, had been telling me about a drink she tried with a flower that made her mouth numb…say what? Then, our waitress told us about a drink they have with this same flower. It was a really crazy feeling. I did a little research and the flower is called, Acmella oleracea. Super fascinating and I highly reccomend trying this flower if you get a chance. lasvegasthumb_img_1579_1024

Not your typical Christmas Day but it was fun to see the strip lit up (more than usual) and the fun Christmas decor. lasvegasthumb_img_1581_1024

Off to the outdoors bright and early.

Home sweet Homa

Howdy y’all from Oklahooommma!

I am spending the holidays with my family, here in the panhandle state.

I flew over Wednesday on Frontier airlines – I would not recommend flying frontier no matter how cheap the flight is.  My reasoning, they will charge you for a carry on – if you don’t check in online or book your ticket through them – there were A LOT of frustrated people on the flight because of this. Secondly, NO snack and NO soft drinks – WHAT? is this world coming to?! I wait in anticipation for my mid flight ginger ale… so I was very disappointed when I learned that would cost me an additional $1.99 – outrageous!

Other than my discovery of my dislike for Frontier, I arrived safely to Will Rogers Airport and was greeted by my family!

The last couple of days have been great! I am still working here – just remotely. I feel so lucky that I am able to work and spend time with my family.

I have loved waking up at my Grandma’s house and having a coffee with her in the morning before I start work.  Walking ohh about 500 feet to my Aunt’s house where there is WIFI (yes, my sweet little granny is internet-less) setting up shop and getting to work.

Instead of working in a modern city setting, I am working on a horse farm, the view from my desk is a blue barn, pond and horses.

The weather is a little different than what I am used to as well! When I flew in on Wednesday it was in the 50’s, however, this morning it is in the 30’s and getting colder. I am not used to this cold weather! If it is going to be this cold I hope it snows!!

Come on Santa! My Christmas wish this year is for some snow!

I have been coming to Oklahoma my whole life usually during the summer when I was younger and I have always loved it. There is a different feeling and different smell in the air. Life is different out here. Good … Bad – I don’t know – just different!