Links I Love – Moons, Careers, Avocados and Beer ( duh!)

If your Friday night plans don’t include a Full Moon, Comet and Lunar Eclipse you are missing out! I am hoping our skies are clear enough to check this out!

Maybe this weekend you are going to do a little soul searching, career got you in a rut? I enjoyed this article from Fast Company about the skills you really need when starting your career.

If your weekend takes you out on an adventure with friends you may need to use this Beer-Based Gratitude Scale to show them your appreciation.

Avocado toast is an important part of most of my days and an un-ripe avo will give me the blues. This is an awesome article about how to quickly ripen an avo!

Now just for some fun, inspiration reading, this NY Times article about Russel Westbrook.

Links I Love: Jobs, Hair and Ingredients

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French Women are so chic so I loved this article about what they don’t do to their hair…At least I am doing one thing right – not washing my hair!

While I myself am not looking for a job – I forwarded this to a friend who is and it seems super helpful.

This is one of the coolest things I have seen this year! If you can work remotely take advantage and rent an apartment around the world.

Stop, take a moment and appreciate the small things.

Companies are sneaky and if you aren’t careful items you think are healthy will be filled with scary ingredients, check out this list for things you shouldn’t buy.

Links I love: Career, Skills and Ownership

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. (1)

This is a hilarious article about a Mother who wrote Obituaries for her daughter while she lived in San Francisco. It is a great laugh and anyone who has moved to the ‘City’ can understand these sentiments.

Fascinating article about skills you should obtain in your career.

The case for moving out of the city and into the burbs.

I feel like… After reading this article you will notice how often you say this and how often the people around you do too!

Do you have a mantra? If not you can take note from these amazing women!