Kayak in Campsites at Tomales Bay

At the end of last year, one of my best friends made the effort to plan a trip every month. Booking sites, getting permits etc… I have been lucky enough to share a few of these trips with her.

Last Saturday morning my friends and I left Oak/SF before 8 am to head up to Petaluma, got sandwiches at the Petaluma Market Deli, then onto the Bear Valley Visitors Center to collect our permits and then to Marshall beach to launch.

We rented kayaks from Blue Water Kayaks, great experience and they have dry bags, wet suits and tie downs if you need them. We used the wet suits when we kayaked later in the afternoon but it was warm enough not to need them. We left Marshalls beach around 12 pm.

I didn’t take my camera out all of Saturday, so these pics are all from Sunday morning before we got back to Marshalls beach around 12.


The tide came up really high in the early morning. We all thought we were going to be underwater, luckily that didn’t happen! tomalesbaykayakcampingIMG_4542tomalesbaykayakcampingIMG_4545tomalesbaykayakcampingIMG_4546tomalesbaykayakcampingIMG_4552

I would love to come out here again! It was a really fun overnight.tomalesbaykayakcampingIMG_4553tomalesbaykayakcampingIMG_4554

Whenever we are in the area we have to hit Wild Flour. The most delicious and fresh baked bread.

The most delicious and fresh baked bread. Cash only so please be prepared otherwise you will be bummin’ hard. We love the Fougasse and the Cinnamon Bread.tomalesbaykayakcampingIMG_4566tomalesbaykayakcampingIMG_4565tomalesbaykayakcampingIMG_4563

What a delicious end to a fun and relaxing weekend!

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Still feels like summer…

The Fall here in California has been warm so far. SO much so that it does not feel at all like Fall. Enjoying these last bits of summer in October while they last…

Wishing I were out by a fire right now, making some s’mores and looking at some stars!IMG_4007 Sunset in my hometown, Pismo Beach, Ca. I love going back home and experiencing these moments. My mom and I love the happy hour at SteamersIMG_4015 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival is an amazing free event in Golden Gate Park. Its one of those events that is so amazingly San Francisco. IMG_3958 IMG_3959 Not the greatest picture but sunsets in my office have been outta this world! Yes I should be leaving earlier than sunset. IMG_3961 Selfie pancakes… because why not?IMG_3976 When you walk by this building in Oakland’s Chinatown the smell will make your mouth water!IMG_3983Probably my favorite Chinese food ever is Shan Dong in Oakland. They have homemade noodles… enough said. Cash only but oh so worth it.
IMG_3991 IMG_3994

Live Free or Die

On Saturday Morning, we loaded up the CRV and headed up to New Hampshire. The cool thing about Massachusetts, especially where my friends live in Eastern Mass is that you are so close to so many different states. Within a half hour we were already in New Hampshire and on our way to our home for the weekend.


I spot a covered bridge down there!IMG_3467 IMG_3469 IMG_3472 IMG_3475 IMG_3477 IMG_3478

Here we are exploring Flume Gorge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  To explore the Gorge it is 16$ which seems like a pretty penny but the trail and bridges/ walkways are well maintained. Keep in mind that NH does not have sales tax so they have to get money for their parks some way and I really don’t mind helping save these cool spots for future generations!
IMG_3480 IMG_3481 IMG_3482

You can start to see a little bit of color change here for the fall. IMG_3483 IMG_3484 IMG_3486IMG_3489 IMG_3492

My friend, Katie posing under a covered bridge. IMG_3495 IMG_3499 IMG_3500 IMG_3502

After our car ride and exploring Flume we were ready to have our picnic lunch. Not far from Flume is a pretty lake called Echo Lake. It was windy the afternoon when we were there but we did enjoy the views and the hustle and bustle as a wedding was about to begin.  IMG_3505 IMG_3506

Next stop, Littleton, NH. A really cute town with a great brewery! Schilling Beer Co. My friend had heard about Schilling from a friend and this brewery and town did not disappoint – It was a fun little side trip for this beer lover.IMG_3510 IMG_3511

View from the side deck of the brewery. IMG_3513 IMG_3514

Gose, Saison, and Porter on Nitro – ALL so delicious! IMG_3557

We had just had lunch BUT the food looked amazing so we ordered this hummus plate. It did not disappoint.IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3520

What? Another covered bridge. They really are everywhere!IMG_3521 IMG_3522

Wow! Can you imagine this in your backyard! Lucky. IMG_3523 IMG_3526 IMG_3527

Finally, our campsite! All these beautiful green trees full of chipmunks ready to pelt you at any second with flying acorns. IMG_3528 IMG_3529

Its starting to look like all we did was eat and drink … only semi true! For dinner we made burgers over the grill and enjoyed them with a satisfying smoked beer from GermanyIMG_3532 IMG_3603

We stayed at Dry River Campground that had probably the most deluxe bathrooms I have ever seen and free warm showers. Also coin operated laundry and this awesome dish washing area. So convenient!IMG_3604 IMG_3607 IMG_3608 IMG_3610

Our adventure that day was climbing to the top of Mount Washington – the tallest peak in New England and also the record holder for windiest weather in the WORLD! We really lucked out with the amazing weather we had – it was perfect!IMG_3613 IMG_3614

We hiked up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail and down the Jewell Trail, We began the assent at 9:45 made it to the top at right around 12:45 and arrived back to the car around 5 pm.  It is a lot of rock climbing – I made it in my nike frees but it would have been much better to wear real hiking shoes with grip and maybe some ankle protection. It was challenging but SO worth it. IMG_3618 IMG_3620

Right before your final assent to Mount Washington you come upon the Lakes of the Clouds a truly breathtaking site.

Here I am! In all my top bun glory!


Finally! WE reached the top of Mount Washington. These White Mountains are outta this world. I can not wait to get back.

Cairns guide your way – along the sometimes not so obvious trail!IMG_3624 IMG_3625

New Hampshire – I love your mountains, your trees and your spirit. I can not wait till I come back.

Wearable Sleeping Bag

I have been wanting a Poler Napsack for quite sometime. I posted about it over a year ago and I still haven’t done anything about it!

As I was in the market for a new sleeping bag I thought maybe I should finally get the Poler Napsack.

I would have to get camo because I am obsessed with Camo.. thats my biggest draw for the Napsack, but in my online searching I found two other options that I am considering. In hopes of deciding between the three I have laid out my options here to identify which one will work best for me.

On the top of my list, the Poler Napsack.


  • Style, cause duh CAMO


  • Only great for super temperate climates, they say 50 degrees. I want to get something more versatile.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.00.39 PM                    (image from Poler’s website)

Next, I found the evergrn Crash Sack from REI.


  • Price. When it was on sale. LOL Looked today and it is right around the same price.


  • Style, not feeling it as much.
  • Only good till about 50 degrees. Same as the Poler.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.14.31 PM                    (image from REI.com)

Lastly, but certainly not least was a little local gem I found from Alite. It is called the Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag.


  • 20 degree Tempature rating! This is awesome. Especially for someone that runs as cold as me.
  • Just seems to be the most practical option.


  • Not as cute as the poler, sorry, I just love the camo.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.20.20 PM                    (image from Alite website.)

I am planning on heading to the Alite store this week to check it out in person.  If you have seen any of these walking/sleeping bag things let me know! I think it will be a good addition for all the traveling I plan to do.

I dream of camping…

especially when it involves fun new clothes and a dutch oven!
Glamping Needs!
I love backpacking and camping out in the wilderness but I also enjoy car camping where you can feast like a king, drink lots of brews and wear the upmost of comfortable clothes cause you don’t have to pack in or out with any of your belongings.
I have been lucky enough to find friends that are also keen to spend weekends in a tent, cooking dinner over a camp fire and this fourth of July weekend we will be car camping in Northern California off of a reservoir and I am SO excited!

There are a few camping ehmm more like glamping items I would L-O-V-E to have but don’t just yet. These aren’t particularly items I need but I want them so much I feel like I need them!

1. Dutch Oven – The quintessential camp cooking item! My parents have one but I think its time to get my own!

2. I really want a visor this year! I haven’t sported one since my early teens, but I think I’m ready to try it again… I am having a hard time deciding between a sporty or fashionable visor. This straw visor from Asos is a cute option!

3. I love Wildfox – their items are so wonderfully worn in but they have a steep price tag! If this I heart camping sweatshirt ever goes on sale… I want it bad!

4. This Poler Napsack looks wonderfully warm and cozy! Can’t you imagine sittin’ by the campfire with a s’more in this baby!?

5. Crocs and Camo this is probably against some fashion rule, but I couldn’t care less! Anything in camouflage is pretty much right up my alley and while crocs may look terrible they really are one of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Whats better than sliding on some comfortable shoes after a day of hiking.

6. Overalls – I have a strong desire to try this trend again! I had several pairs of overalls when I was a youngin’ and now I want to revamp my closet with a few pairs of overalls. This short pair would be perfect for summer camping!

7. Poncho – A soft, warm comfortable poncho is perfect for camping! I would need to make sure that any poncho I own would be machine washable – especially if I am taking it around fire!

While I don’t think I will get them in time for this trip, they are items to drool over until they go on sale/my birthday/christmas!!

Are there any items that you want this summer but don’t particularly need? Let me know!