Wearable Sleeping Bag

I have been wanting a Poler Napsack for quite sometime. I posted about it over a year ago and I still haven’t done anything about it!

As I was in the market for a new sleeping bag I thought maybe I should finally get the Poler Napsack.

I would have to get camo because I am obsessed with Camo.. thats my biggest draw for the Napsack, but in my online searching I found two other options that I am considering. In hopes of deciding between the three I have laid out my options here to identify which one will work best for me.

On the top of my list, the Poler Napsack.


  • Style, cause duh CAMO


  • Only great for super temperate climates, they say 50 degrees. I want to get something more versatile.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.00.39 PM                    (image from Poler’s website)

Next, I found the evergrn Crash Sack from REI.


  • Price. When it was on sale. LOL Looked today and it is right around the same price.


  • Style, not feeling it as much.
  • Only good till about 50 degrees. Same as the Poler.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.14.31 PM                    (image from REI.com)

Lastly, but certainly not least was a little local gem I found from Alite. It is called the Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag.


  • 20 degree Tempature rating! This is awesome. Especially for someone that runs as cold as me.
  • Just seems to be the most practical option.


  • Not as cute as the poler, sorry, I just love the camo.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.20.20 PM                    (image from Alite website.)

I am planning on heading to the Alite store this week to check it out in person.  If you have seen any of these walking/sleeping bag things let me know! I think it will be a good addition for all the traveling I plan to do.

Packing list for 3 weeks in SEAsia

This is a picture list of what I took.

I had too much of some things and not enough of others.


I brought – 3 pairs of shoes, one for water, one for hiking and one nicer sandal for everyday! 

Should have brought a pair of flip flops, easier on and off. ( Also easy to buy in any country for 10 USD or less).

Not pictured, I brought – 14 pairs of underwear and three pairs of socks. 2 sports bras and three swim suite separates.

Since we did laundry I could have done with less underwear and only 2 pairs of socks were necessary cause I really didn’t wear my shoes to often – mainly for hikes, riding motorbikes and a couple of times when my feet really need arch support! Bathing suites were good- prob could have taken only 2.. but where is the fun in that?!


I brought a denim shirt, light rain jacket and brown sweater ( mainly a cover up when wearing tank tops)

The denim shirt was great, it is comfy and goes well with everything! I didn’t use my rain jacket at all – could have gone with out it because honestly you could by something there if you really needed it. I used the cover up a lot at temples with my tank tops… I would suggest bringing a light sweater for airplanes, busses etc. It can get cold.


I brought one maxi dress with sleeves, one maxi skirt and one pair of long black pants.

The maxi dress and skirt rarely got worn… even though appropriate for temples. I found I preferred wearing pants since we were walking so much and pants were just more comfortable than a skirt or dress. A dress that is easy to wear is a great idea for nights at the beach etc.


Extra passport photo needed in Cambodia, otherwise you can pay $1 USD. I didn’t end up using the disposable water camera, my friend had an underwater camera that we used. Big camera was nice for taking shots at temples, but was heavy and cumbersome. Wipes and tissue is a great idea! Most places won’t have t.p. to use.

I took out some of this sunscreen while packing… I had just enough with 2 bottles, one for face and one for body. You can always buy while traveling as well!


I brought way to many toiletries, it was unnecessary to bring so much because it is easy enough to pick stuff up at pharmacies, corner markets such as 7-11 or even drugstores like Boots in places like Bangkok.


The hat was awesome! All the snackies were great. I am a hungry girl! and having something to snack on when we couldn’t find a place to eat or when we were out at temples was awesome! I took my collapsable water bottle which I liked.. cause when I wasn’t using it no extra room was taken up!

Glasses! I normally wear contacts – ALL the time. I don’t like glasses they make me feel like a have no depth perception, but anywho I brought my glasses just in case and I am so glad I did! I am not sure if it was the air quality there but it was really hard for me to wear contacts. So I wore my glasses more often than not, be warned though I think the heat melted some kind of coating on my glasses – luckily I brought old ones so I didn’t care, but it is something to note!


I brought SPI Money Belt, shamrock coozie ( for all the brews ill be drinking), socks for the airplane.

The SPI belt is awesome!! I use it for running at home – but it is also a great travel/money belt! My friend Michelle turned me on to them. They are a company in Austin, Texas.

Shamrock coozie came in handy for beer but also as a camera case when my roomie lost hers. Fluffy socks were awesome for bus and plane rides!


Tank Dress for Sleeping – American Apparel, tank top for Beaches – Billabong and Workout tank ( wear for hiking, or tucked into skirt and pants with shoulder cover for temples)  – Lululemon

I really wish I had taken more short sleeve shirts. I ended up bring one last minute which was great cause thats what I wanted to wear most of the time. Short sleeves are good for temples and also when you want to be more modest, OR when your shoulders get burnt.. like mine did!

Not pictured – I brought 4 pairs of shorts, one exercise, two cotton flow-ey shorts and one pair of jean shorts. I used them a lot at the beach.. but no other time.. I wore all of them several times so I don’t think the amount was excessive.


I ended up taking the 65 litre REI pack.. it kept expanding which was awesome for the souvenirs I bought along the way!

Hope this list helps! If you have any questions or comments let me know. 🙂 Thanks!

Im Back!

I can’t believe my trip is over – and now I sit here wondering – did that really happen?

I feel so fortunate to be able to travel and experience different parts of the world and other ways of living.

I love, love, LOVE the little life I live in the Bay and feel so fortunate for my friends, my job and all the adventures I get to take on the weekly.

BUT – it is truly awesome to explore new places and faces!

Slowly but surely I am going to upload our ‘itinerary’ that we created before the trip, what worked, what didn’t work, what we learned.  This is in hopes that you too can have an awesome SE Asia adventure!

One of our themes of the trip was – hindsight is 20/20 – In most cases, you learn as you go and this trip was no different. I do hope that by sharing our experiences you can learn from what we did and didn’t do.

Beautiful, huh?!

southeast asia collage

Ready, Set, Go!


I have been gearing up for my first rendezvous with South East Asia!

On Friday, I leave for a 3 week trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The last few weeks we have started hard core preparations. Since we have a specific timeline we want to make sure we coordinate our connections well and make sure that we get to see and experience as much as possible!!!

We decided to get our visas for Vietnam while still in the United States.

The Vietnamese Consulate General in San Francisco is easy to find with a great staff!

We ended up paying $100 in cash to purchase our visas – I think this is more than you would pay when you are actually in the country but I am not positive. A lot of things I read online said that the visa when purchased at the border was only $55 or so, but again I do not know fursure fursure and we were trying to be on the conservative side and have it completed now before we leave.

This is because our flight leaves from Hanoi so it is imperative that we make it into Vietnam.. so that we can fly home!

BUT I don’t want to start thinking about flying home yet.. since we haven’t even left!

Once our itinerary is complete I will share it here in hopes that it can help someone else plan their trip!