Cotopaxi Quest

img_0110img_0112img_0118A few months ago, 4 friends and I signed up for this crazy 24 hour Adventure Race called Questival!

We have been racing now since 7 pm last night and it has been non stop fun! We did manage to get 4 hours of sleeps…. but we have much to do before we can rest again!

Go team Hamburgalugeruger

Let Life Surprise You

As I get older I realize that I place a lot of limitations on myself. 

I tell myself things that I should do things and that I can’t do others – and for what reasons? 

No other reason, than the stories I have told myself about who I am and what I can do.

This past weekend, I challenged that. I went skydiving!

It was scary and exhilarating, fun and crazy and to be honest I felt like a complete badass. 

The biggest revelation of all was that I can do anything. Seriously. Why limit myself – I need to experience all I can – and let life surprise me!