A Wedding Weekend in New Awlins

A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of going to New Orleans to be a part of my best friends wedding!

This was my first trip to New Orleans and it won’t be my last…might be last time in August…the humidity is real.

We stayed at the Hotel Provincial which had a great location for heading out to the French Quarter. Friendly staff, quaint courtyard and one of the most haunted places. I fortunately did not encounter any ghosts while we were there. The bar on site was really fun and had one of the best Bloody Mary’s I have ever had.


One of my favorite things about New Orleans is the beautiful buildings and plants.img_9407img_9408

My friends wedding took place at Muriel’s, right here on the Balcony outside. The day of the wedding was perfect. By far my favorite part of the day was the Second Line Parade. I loved the experience of celebrating their commitment with a parade around Jackson Square and down Bourbon Street. img_9409

No trip to NOLA would be a trip without hitting Cafe Du Monde. We came here daily and I miss their strong chicory coffee and sweet sweet beignets.img_9410img_9411img_9414img_9416img_9417img_9418

Jax Brewhouse is a fun place to stop and grab some go cups for the road. img_9420img_9422img_9423img_9426

Bourbon Street was pretty quite at this time of day/year and I can’t imagine being here on Mardi Gras or Halloween! img_9427

A must visit is the Carousel Bar & Lounge – fun experience and great cocktails.img_9428img_9436img_9438img_9439img_9440

We went to Domenica for their Rehearsal Lunch and the food was really amazing – fresh local flavors were paired with delicious wines.img_9442img_9444img_9445img_9446img_9449img_9451img_9454img_9457img_9459img_9460

Not photographed was our time spent on Frenchmen Street, I had so much fun dancing on the street to amazing musicians. It was such a cool experience to hear such great music at every corner. The Frenchmen Art Market is a must hit – unique, one of a kinda art, photos and craft.

I absolutely loved New Orleans and would love to go back and explore more.


Monday Inspiration

Parton Quote

What do you want?

One thing that I have come to learn is that I will never get something I want if I don’t ask for it.

IF you desire it go after it. IF you want to try something new at work – ask .  Its hard to be brave, its not easy or everyone would be living their dream.

Dolly’s words of wisdom ring true, ‘You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.’

Be Brave, Be Bold, Have an amazing Monday!


A few years ago, a co- worker of mine was really into astrology and she told me a lot of stuff about my astro sign… at first I was like ehh, really? I don’t follow to closely to that bizzzness, but the more she told me the more I was like OH-EM-GEE this is so me. It was like she was speaking to all the totally weird traits I posses.

I have always been equally shy/introverted and loud/outgoing.  How is this even possible?! WHY?!

If you are like me and find yourself wanting to curl up on the couch and read a book – but also have a desire to be the life of the party then I think you will enjoy this article from the Thought Catalog!



WOW: Words of Wisdom

on a Wednesday! Really though, don’t let that silly title fool you – I am about to share some solid, life changing advice… or at least I think so!

The company I work for has recently partnered with Girl Geek Academy – check them out, they are doing really awesome work!

At a recent event, they had Karen Stocks, MD of Twitter Australia speak. As I was reading this article, one of her quotes really struck me!

“Don’t be scared if you don’t understand [at first]. Just have an open mind, be curious and have a willingness to learn. And please don’t worry about having a life plan. Please do things that make your heart beat faster, follow your passions and dreams and trust in that way you will end up in the right place.”

Its pretty reminiscent of a college graduation speech.. but I hope it makes you take pause and think… think about what you do… Are you excited/happy/thrilled? Are you pursuing your passions? What are your passions? Think a little and then just do it!

Just a little WOW on your hump day!

A wonderful day EVERYday!

Wake up every morning

It is NOT easy to wake up every morning oozing with positivity and sometimes I find myself spreading a bad mood instead of a smile. Take today for instance, I woke up feeling a-ok despite currently sleeping on a friends couch (in the process of moving), however, a few things rubbed me the wrong way and before I knew it I was a little bubbling pot of sass – which lets be real is not fun for ANYONE involved. All it took was a few friendly strangers and a bagel WITH homemade pickles from Beauty’s Bagels in Oakland and my day was brightened, it was guess what? WONDERFUL.

Everyday something wonderful DOES happen, large and small, amazing and ordinary… sometimes its hard to remember that in the midst of stress and anger.

I love this little mantra and I have a new goal to daily write down my wonderful.

Most of all, when little things are bummin’ me out I need to look for the wonderful – it will be there.

What was the most wonderful thing that happened today?! Has it happened yet?

Way to Live

“Happy, Just in my swim shorts, barefooted, wild-haired, in the red fire dark, singing, swigging wine, spitting, jumping, running – that’s the way to live. All alone and free in the soft sands of the beach by the sigh of the sea out there.”

– Jack Kerouac The Dharma Bums

This little gem of a quote has a home on my desk.  It makes me happy. It makes me smile.  Can’t you just imagine that salty air filling your nostrils and whipping your hair around. Mmmm mmm I love it and I can almost close my eyes and picture myself standing on the shoreline with my toes wiggling in the sand…that’s my happy place (one of them anyway). I want to live a wild life, relatively.  Just free to explore, chart my own course and be out there, outside, experiencing nature and the beauty of the outdoors.