True Life : I love essential oils

I know … I am late to the party right? Essential Oils have been real popular for awhile now but I have recently started a love affair with them.

Essential Oils have been giving me life lately! and no I am not trying to sell you my essential oils. This post isn’t endorsed in any way but I am still here to tell you that essential oils are quite possibly the best thing I got into in 2016 and I have been wholeheartedly carrying that into 2017.

It started when my friend gifted my a diffuser ( thats a long story ) but it really changed my life… and I know it sounds silly but I get it. I fully understand why people are obsessed with these little bottles of goodness.

I think the hardest thing for me has been to make sure that I am purchasing good quality and sustainably sourced oils. If you have any go to companies or oils let me know. 🙂

Without further ado here are my fav essential oils that I use daily!

Peppermint – The BEST cure for headaches, stomaches and if you ever have a hangover its pretty amazing for that too ( not that I would know that never happens to me!…)


Lavender  – I can go to bed without diffusing Lavender but really why would I want to? Love the relaxing vibe this diffuses around my room. I also mix this with caster oil and brush onto my eyebrows every night… amazingly calming and can also help with hair growth! I don’t put on lashes cause it burns my eyes if it happens to get in.. not ideal. I keep to eyebrows only. 


Grapefruit – this is a great wake me up oil… love diffusing this when I am tidying up my house or hanging out in the morning. 

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