What exactly are the Cloisters?!

A totally hipster morning in Williamsburg. I am not sure if hipster is still a thing or even what I mean by it but I was surely not cool enough to get coffee here! img_0563img_0564

I heart big cans.. hahaimg_0565img_0566

Must brunch at Pies -N- Thighs – you WILL feel 10 pounds heavier after this meal but it is dang good. img_0567img_0568img_0569

Lots of awesome street art in Williamsburg – loved it.img_0573

Heading out of the city for some Medieval European art, architecture and gardens at The Cloisters. I highly reccomend visiting this museum and the beautiful grounds.  If you have extra time I suggest bringing a blanket and picnic to enjoy the grounds.


I guess the Flamingo has been trendy for awhile…img_0610img_0611img_0613

Hops for medieval brewing!!!img_0619img_0624

As we were headed back to Mass from NYC we made a few stops… mainly involving beer. Are you surprised? North River Hops and Brewing was busy on a Monday and felt very family oriented. I loved the small batch vibe and particularly enjoyed.. the PB & J stout and the Maple and Whiskey Aged IPA.. to be honest I liked all I tried. Their IPA’s were hoppy and smooth. I would love to live close to this gem and visit on the regular. img_0630img_0631img_0632

OH and can we talk about their planters and mailbox??? I died… too cute.img_0639img_0640

Upstate New York is pretty magical. Those Fall leaves give me all the feels.img_0643img_0647

Chatham Brewing was another pleasant surprise. When I saw that they had a Raspberry Wheat I knew we had to stop. I have been really fond of Raspberry wheats this summer and was intrigued. They did not disappoint. On top of delicious brews they also sell bowls of popcorn for a dollar… what a dream.img_0652img_0653img_0654img_0656img_0657

What a wrap to an amazing weekend. The sites, the booze, the miles walked… it all added up to an unforgettable road trip.

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