A new favorite brewery

I spent a long weekend in Oregon and it only left me wanting more! Even though I live relatively close to Oregon I have never spent any length of time there.

Luckily, I got to spend some time up their with friends and was pleasantly surprised by the weather, beer and food.

Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland was a great first stop. We came in for lunch and to fill a growler up!


Of course I got the sampler! I like to try everything my first time at a new place.


Their food was delicious. I have since had  a couple of their salads and all are delicious. Their burger, fries and homemade ketchup are divine!img_9666

I highly reccomend hitting up this establishment next time you are driving through Ashland. Great beer and Great food.

2 thoughts on “A new favorite brewery

  1. Nice post! My son is at the U of O in Eugene so we have reason to drive up from our Bay Area (CA) home several time a year. People keep telling me we have to stop in Ashland – you’ve given me a good reason to stop. We spent a week in Oregon two weeks ago and we’ll be posting a bunch of articles about it this upcoming week. Here’s our first post in the Oregon series: https://topochinesvino.com/2016/10/06/o-oregon/

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