Links I love : All about balance

My life is ALL about balance. I love the way I feel when I workout and eat clean but I also enjoy a beer or glass of wine and dessert. Here are a few of my favorite links from this week.

I love a big bowl of veggies, but I can often get stuck in a rut. Using the same ingredients over and over again. I love the variation offered in this post from Corepower Yoga. I can’t wait to try out some of these suggestions and get my Power Bowl Party on.


I am always looking for a quick way to sweat! This 10 minute workout from Self is a great little burner that can be repeated or combined with other workouts. I appreciate something simple that I can remember at the gym so I don’t have to get my phone out every other move.


All the more reason to go out with friends for a drink after a sweat shesh. After an intense workout we recover better after being in a social environment.  When you are happier you preform better. Now isn’t that reason enough to say yes to that post run beer?!

Maybe you and your friends could try some seasonal pumpkin beers. I tried the Punkin Ale from Dogfish Head Brewery this weekend and it was really good it isn’t super pumpkiny but has a nice spice profile.

Pick a favorite beer and proceed to make a Pumpkin Beer Cheesecake…

I know what I am making for Thanksgiving! This Pumpkin Beer cheesecake is sure to be a winner. ( I will probably have to test out the recipe a few times before then… to make sure it is good… that is.)


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