May 2016 Snapshot

I made my first “Snapshot’ in 2014 after seeing it on one of my still favorite Blogs The Daybook.

Here is my Snapshot from May 16, 2014 and here is todays…

Making: Hand Embroidered Wall Art

Cooking: With a Spiralizer

Drinking: Beer

Reading: Just finished Wild… I know a few years late to the party!

Wanting: To always be surrounded with loved ones.

Looking: Always for Driftwood

Playing: Bossanova all day long

Wasting: money on things I don’t need/don’t use

Wishing: I was more organized

Enjoying: spending time at home with my parents

Waiting: to see if a have a place to live in June

Liking: Taking vitamins daily

Wondering: How I got where I am.

Loving: How global the world is

Hoping: That my trip to Indonesia is Amazing!

Marveling: At how fast time flies. I am turning 26 soon and while its young it feels old.

Needing: Better time management

Smelling: Argon oil that I just put on my face and hands.

Wearing: western inspired outfits

Following: Podcasts like no ones business – I am obsessed. All my conversations revolve around things I heard on podcasts. Sorry.

Noticing: That I wear all black

Knowing: How lucky I am

Thinking: About how much I need to accomplish this week

Bookmarking: A website where I can watch the Real Housewives

Opening: Lots of Amazon boxes in preparation for my trip to Indonesia

Giggling: SO much with family friends last night over strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream.

Feeling: SO Grateful

I feel like I just filled out a myspace survey! But it is fun to see where I was in 2014 and where I am now.

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