Jack’s Abby Brewing

Head to Jack’s Abby Brewing inFramingham,, MA for inventive, tasty brews, delicious food and a fun atmosphere. We stopped by on a Friday evening and although they were extremely busy the service was top notch. IMG_6479

We were in the midst of a road trip so couldn’t stay long but my sampler did not disappoint. I hope that I have the chance to go back while I am in Mass. IMG_6484

Now for the grub… the Pizza came out so quickly. I want to say fifteen minutes or so after we ordered it. We had the BBQ Pork and Potato and Bacon … Yowza can you say amazing?! We took notes so we can try to re-create at home.IMG_6483

Next time you are near or around Farmington make the trip to Jack’s Abby – you won’t be sorry.

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