Beer and Beaches: Puerto Rico Style

We begin another day with plans to visit Cueva del Indio, seven arches and Rincon…but first coffee…

After a bit of yelping we decided to go to Cafe Cuatro Sombras we had delicious lattes and a slice of banana bread. So good.


After fueling up we got on the 22 and headed towards Cueva del Indio. After maybe 30 minutes we got off 22 at Barceloneta and headed towards the coast.


YOWZA, right? What a beautiful coast line.


La Cueva del Indio and the Seven Arches is a must see! As of March 2016 it was $10 for two people. Worth every penny. Highly Recommend.


Don’t let the ladder scare you – go explore the caves below.



After some luscious beach views we got back on the road to head to Rincon.



We have arrived!

I had randomly found Bros Brewhouse online the night before and when we saw it roadside we quickly pulled over!

It has surprised me this whole trip what great beers they have from breweries through the U.S., however, since we are in Puerto Rico we have been exclusively drinking P.R. beers.


We had a Boqueron Brewing Co. Extra Pale Ale – very refreshing. Off to try some more brews at Rincon Beer Company!


We tried the 4 local beers on tap and LOVED the Passion Fruit blonde. This surprised me because I don’t find myself typically drawn to blondes. A real fun tidbit is that you can take go cups.. so down to the beach we went go cup in hand.

After a lovely beach sesh we went to La Cambija.   Everything we ate here was phenomenal. The fish tacos x2, tostones and empanadillas were a very pleasant treat. No beach view but I would recommend.


Had a wonderful day exploring a few beaches and beers Puerto Rico style.

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