Currently lovin’ KD, Lems, Beer and Girl Scout Cookies, eating healthy, and car camping with a hot tub!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

You may or not be a Super Bowl fan but bear with me on this one! Kevin Durant my favorite basketball player got to be a photographer on the sidelines of Super Bowl 50 and he wrote about his experience here. I love his writing style and how authentic and down to earth he is.

Since I have been wanting to live a more nomadic/simpler life I have been trying to not purchase more! However, I found these really cool packable boots made by a really awesome company, Lems. These boots seem like an awesome travel solution and all around space saver. If/when I make the leap and purchase them I will review them here.

Girl Scout Cookie season is here! Last year I got to indulge in a Girl Scout Cookie Beer Pairing at Woods in SF. I loved it so much that this year my friends and I are going to make our own GSC and Beer Pairing. Beer and Brewing  has a great list here of the various cookies and beers that will pair well with them. Enjoy!

I love quick guides to healthy eating. This one from Refinery 29 lists a days worth of meals and snacks! I can get pretty boring with what I eat and I think it is fun to get new ideas for switching up the daily consumption.

This portable hot tub would be a fun addition to car camping trips or backyard shenanigans. With the heat wave we have been experiencing this past week in California all I want to do is play outside.


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