Money, Money, Money

Lately, I have been really into finance.  SO I want to share my favorite podcast and website that give me financial hope. I am dreaming of saving, investing and retiring while I am still young.  The one thing that has been helping me not buy new things that I don’t need are some amazing resources that I want to share with you all.


Podcast love 

So Money

I love this Podcast and listen to it everyday. I love how you can expect the same format each episode, but each guest provides their own unique insights and understandings.

Website love

Mr. Money Mustache —

If you haven’t heard of him I will assume you live under a rock or at the very least have no goals of retiring at thirty. Him and his wife did just that and they are thriving.

I hope you love these resources as much as I do!

Please share any other podcasts, youtube channels, websites you think I might like!

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