London Calling


IMG_1938London is calling you to visit!

There is so much to do in London and so many neighborhoods to explore.

We stayed in New Cross at the New Cross Inn Hostel.  The New Cross Area while far from the city center is a really great area. There are so many awesome pubs and outdoor beer gardens to enjoy.

The London transit system is on-point, easy to use and makes getting around to and from any neighborhood easy.

My favorite things about London:

Free museums

Pubs, Pimms and Pints

Flowers pouring out of every building

Camden Market for the variety of goods and grub

IMG_1943 IMG_1945 IMG_1951 IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1966 IMG_1962 IMG_1961 IMG_2032 IMG_1973 IMG_1976 IMG_1984 IMG_1988 IMG_2028 IMG_1998 IMG_2004 IMG_2008 IMG_2005 IMG_2011 IMG_2013 IMG_2021 IMG_2023 IMG_2024 IMG_2025

I can’t wait to go back and lucky for me my friend is going to grad school there in the Fall so I plan to as soon as possible.



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