Local Eats at True Burger

I have been excited to try Trueburger for quite sometime now. After hearing a lot of amazing reviews from friends I was stoked to try it and when the opportunity arose this past Saturday I was excited maybe a little too excited.


True Burger is basic. My favorite thing was probably their pickles.

I appreciate that this is a local restaurant and I want to support that… but if I am being real I would much rather go to In-N-Out. Sorrrrry.

If I go here again – I would not get a burger, fries and shake – it was too much for this old gal.

Also, something to note: if you are a veggie this may not the best place to go ( it depend on what you are looking for, of course) ; their veg option is a deep fried, cheese stuffed portobello mushroom.

I do like that they share a patio with a coffee shop/ bar next door. It was nice to sit outside and away from the booming crowd inside.  This place was PACKED on a Saturday night with what seemed to be local neighborhood families.

If you live nearby you should try it, but don’t get your hopes up like I did. It was not the best burger I ever ate but the service was friendly and I could see myself coming back here again to give it another shot.

IMG_9745_2 IMG_9747 IMG_9746_2 IMG_9755 IMG_9750_2

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