Your new Mexican food fix…

Definition: Tacubaya

1. A western section of Mexico City; site of the National astronomical observatory.

2. An amazingly delicious taqueria in Berkeley, Ca.

The fourth street area of Berkeley is a cute little shopping district with lots of shops and restaurants.

I have been to Tacubaya a few times and every time it is SO GOOD. Not only has everything I have tried been tasty but I always want to try numerous items because they all sound so unique and fresh and flavorful.

While this specific locale is bit of a trek from my house its always worth it to head over and be treated to some plate licking good meals.

Come here expecting quality and freshness, its not your so-cal Mexican food ( at least not in my opinion) but its delish in its own way. I really wish it was in my neighborhood.


Taqueria front.


Quesadilla with Goat cheese, queso fresco, beets, roasted jalapeno sauce with papitas.


Horchata. I can never say no to Horchata.


Cute table numbers.


Menu. Colorful, Seasonal, Wonderful.


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