Toasty’s Favs

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things that I have been loving this past week so that you may have the chance to enjoy them as well or at least be inspired to try something new.

My NEW all time favorite place to go for a latte is Illy. Especially on a rainy day after a hellacious week at work.  I don’t know how I walked by this place for almost two years without going in, however I won’t dwell on that fact but rather make the most of experiencing the delicioushness as long as I can now that I know about it!  If you have one near you – PLEASE – try it and if you don’t have one visit somewhere that does and make a point to latte it up.  My fav flavor is Lavender Mint ( major yum ) but I also love the Vanilla Clove… uh oh now Im really craving one of these luscious lattes.


Cake Tasting at Sweet Adelines in Berkeley in preparation for my friend’s wedding. It was such a fun experience and the staff was SO wonderful… oh and the cake was REAL good. My choice was the carrot cake.


This amazing tree blooming in our backyard. I looked outside one day and it was bloomin’ and it was beautiful and exciting and sprintimey… and then the next week it was storming but at least we still have the tree.


Only the coolest dog park EVA, Point Isabel in Richmond. Like literally dog haven and human haven if you love dogs.


Finally, I whipped up a sweet treat to share with y’all that hopefully you can enjoy with a loved one this Valentines Day! ( I will be sharing the recipe on Wednesday)


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