WOW: Words of Wisdom

on a Wednesday! Really though, don’t let that silly title fool you – I am about to share some solid, life changing advice… or at least I think so!

The company I work for has recently partnered with Girl Geek Academy – check them out, they are doing really awesome work!

At a recent event, they had Karen Stocks, MD of Twitter Australia speak. As I was reading this article, one of her quotes really struck me!

“Don’t be scared if you don’t understand [at first]. Just have an open mind, be curious and have a willingness to learn. And please don’t worry about having a life plan. Please do things that make your heart beat faster, follow your passions and dreams and trust in that way you will end up in the right place.”

Its pretty reminiscent of a college graduation speech.. but I hope it makes you take pause and think… think about what you do… Are you excited/happy/thrilled? Are you pursuing your passions? What are your passions? Think a little and then just do it!

Just a little WOW on your hump day!

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