A wonderful day EVERYday!

Wake up every morning

It is NOT easy to wake up every morning oozing with positivity and sometimes I find myself spreading a bad mood instead of a smile. Take today for instance, I woke up feeling a-ok despite currently sleeping on a friends couch (in the process of moving), however, a few things rubbed me the wrong way and before I knew it I was a little bubbling pot of sass – which lets be real is not fun for ANYONE involved. All it took was a few friendly strangers and a bagel WITH homemade pickles from Beauty’s Bagels in Oakland and my day was brightened, it was guess what? WONDERFUL.

Everyday something wonderful DOES happen, large and small, amazing and ordinary… sometimes its hard to remember that in the midst of stress and anger.

I love this little mantra and I have a new goal to daily write down my wonderful.

Most of all, when little things are bummin’ me out I need to look for the wonderful – it will be there.

What was the most wonderful thing that happened today?! Has it happened yet?

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