I dream of camping…

especially when it involves fun new clothes and a dutch oven!
Glamping Needs!
I love backpacking and camping out in the wilderness but I also enjoy car camping where you can feast like a king, drink lots of brews and wear the upmost of comfortable clothes cause you don’t have to pack in or out with any of your belongings.
I have been lucky enough to find friends that are also keen to spend weekends in a tent, cooking dinner over a camp fire and this fourth of July weekend we will be car camping in Northern California off of a reservoir and I am SO excited!

There are a few camping ehmm more like glamping items I would L-O-V-E to have but don’t just yet. These aren’t particularly items I need but I want them so much I feel like I need them!

1. Dutch Oven – The quintessential camp cooking item! My parents have one but I think its time to get my own!

2. I really want a visor this year! I haven’t sported one since my early teens, but I think I’m ready to try it again… I am having a hard time deciding between a sporty or fashionable visor. This straw visor from Asos is a cute option!

3. I love Wildfox – their items are so wonderfully worn in but they have a steep price tag! If this I heart camping sweatshirt ever goes on sale… I want it bad!

4. This Poler Napsack looks wonderfully warm and cozy! Can’t you imagine sittin’ by the campfire with a s’more in this baby!?

5. Crocs and Camo this is probably against some fashion rule, but I couldn’t care less! Anything in camouflage is pretty much right up my alley and while crocs may look terrible they really are one of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Whats better than sliding on some comfortable shoes after a day of hiking.

6. Overalls – I have a strong desire to try this trend again! I had several pairs of overalls when I was a youngin’ and now I want to revamp my closet with a few pairs of overalls. This short pair would be perfect for summer camping!

7. Poncho – A soft, warm comfortable poncho is perfect for camping! I would need to make sure that any poncho I own would be machine washable – especially if I am taking it around fire!

While I don’t think I will get them in time for this trip, they are items to drool over until they go on sale/my birthday/christmas!!

Are there any items that you want this summer but don’t particularly need? Let me know!

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