Custar Farms

IMG_7733 IMG_7735 IMG_7736 IMG_7739

Coming from California I am very used to accessible fresh vegetables and fruit. I was excited to make the trip to a local farm stand to obtain some fresh vegetables! My family loves this little farm stand about 15 miles away called Custar Farms. My dad and I stopped in late last week to pick up some veggies and we were like little kids in a candy store! I think we bought a little bit of everything they had.  We had called before we drove over and they told us what they had picked that day! Talk about fresh – how wonderful.

The couple who owns this little gem is so adorable – I hope to be half as cool as they are.

If you happen to be traveling on I-40 and pass a sign for Okemah, get off and take a little trip to Custar Farms, its small but worthwhile!

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