I’ve gone country, y’all


Its the time of the year again where I pack up my cowboy boots and head to the mid west for some good ole family time.

I love summer in Oklahoma.

It amazes me how it always smells the same here – I can’t completely quantify it. But its this grassy, manure smell that is unlike any other place I have been and I love it! Year after year, the same smell greets me and it makes me think about moving to the country side and having a farm of my own.

Last night, we had a summer storm complete with thunder and lighting – it was magnificent and scary and allowed me to put off my run for another morning.

My goals while I am here are to cherish this time with my family, spend time in the sun, live life a little slower and with a little more meaning AND try as many Oklahoma brews as possible!

For your listening enjoyment, one of my all time favorites, Alan Jackson with She’s Gone Country.

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