The best beers in NorCal?!

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Do you ever read Thrillist? Chances are if you live in or like one of the cities they talk about on the reg you get their emails daily and waste a few minutes checking out their new articles!

One article today caught my attention with the header, “Best NorCal Breweries“, really now, the best, I thought to myself as I waited for my page to load.

While I may not agree with their list completely, they showcase a few breweries that I have not been to yet ( and can’t wait to try when I get back to CA! ) and a few that I like.

I’m no Cicerone but I do fancy myself a beer lover and I try to pick up knowledge on the topic whenever I can! So any article about beer you betta believe I am all over it!

My personal NorCal fav is Lagunitas. Great beers paired with a great outdoor space and often times live music.. I am in love!

Do you have any breweries I should try? Bay area or beyond? Let me know!

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