Mai Fest: Mill Valley

The Tourist Club in Mill Valley is only open twice a year to guests, this past Sunday, they opened up for Mai Fest!

Now you can either hike up from the Mill Valley right behind the library using the Dipsea trail or you can park about a mile away from their Clubhouse and walk the rest of the way. We chose the hike and lucky for us we followed a family headed to The Tourist Club! I imagine it would have been pretty easy to get lost had we not been following people!

When we arrived it was a little before 12 when they officially opened up and there was already a large line ahead of us! By the time we entered people had filled up most of the tables and were already merrily drinking beer!

We ordered our first pitcher and found a nice place in the sun to sit…which was the dance floor! The dancing had not started but we were told we would have to move once it did…so we enjoyed our time sitting there until we had to move. Got another pitcher and went to see about a Brat! They had a few different types of sausages, even a vegan sausage! We found a table to sit at while eating but they were trying to move people along once they were done eating. After that we went back to the dance floor and watched the professional dancers and then joined in once they opened up the floor.

When it was time to go we were toasted from the sun and beer but it was a great time with friends! Can not wait to go back in October!

IMG_7419 IMG_7418 IMG_7425 IMG_7417

We had an amazing time! Drank lots of beer, ate Bratwurst, pretzels and pickles! I was in heaven!  My friend K and I danced and it was so much fun!

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