May 2014 Snapshot


The other day I was reading one of my Favorite blogs of all time, The Daybook and she did a post on Taking Stock. I thought it was really interesting and a cool way to document how you are feeling and what you are doing at a moment in time.

This is my May 2014 snapshot.

Making: Spinach and Kale smoothies like no ones business

Cooking: Not too much!

Drinking: Lots of beer

Reading: Game of Thrones

Wanting: To get my tan on

Looking: For a perfect pair of tan booties

Playing: Lana Del Ray on repeat

Wasting: Food when I can’t eat it fast enough

Wishing: that SF was always Sunny and above 70′

Enjoying: drinking beers outside with my friends

Waiting: For a lazy summer day at the lake/river

Liking: How light it stays till 9 PM

Wondering: If I will ever grow up

Loving: My twice daily talks with my grandma

Hoping: To stay on track with my exercise

Marveling: At how smart people are

Needing: Allergy meds

Smelling: pizza and really wanting some

WearingAll dresses and shorts

Following: The NBA Finals

Noticing: New Muscles

Knowing: I don’t know anything

Thinking: About growing up

Feeling: Happy about where I am at

Bookmarking: Warm weather recipes

Opening: Birthday presents (soon)!

Giggling: Constantly

Feeling: So happy and a little tired

Pictured above: Poppies on my morning run

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