Bangkok on Lock


We arrived in Bangkok tired and excited.

We had already booked a hotel here because Bangkok is big and overwhelming and we assumed we would be tired after our long flight. We had a booked a room at i residence in Silom. We did A LOT of research prior to booking, however, i residence was a little disappointing.

The staff was okay, I think they tried to be helpful but we didn’t end up getting into our room until 1.5 hours after check in, which was a bummer because we wanted to freshen up before we went exploring! The room was fine and the rooftop pool was nice! We brought our own beer up to the roof , but it does say you will be charged if you do. I don’t think the staff cared enough to enforce this.

The area around i residence felt very local, with lots of little markets where there were more Thai people than travelers. We loved this aspect and really enjoyed walking around Silom.



Tips from my experience:

Taxi drivers don’t usually take you where you want to go.  They take you where they want to take you! Keep in mind you can usually bargain a price!

We really enjoyed take the trains so try to take public transit when you can! Easy to figure out and the people who work at the station or usually nice and helpful.

We discovered that most hotels are associated with tour companies so if you ask them how to get anywhere they will try to take you to their tour company – DON’T do it!

Also take public transit when possible – like if you are going to Koh Samui, take the public bus instead of VIP or tourist busses.

Ultimately, do and go as locals do.


Since we arrived on Sunday we had to go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market! This market is only open on the weekend evenings so if you are available on the weekends in Bangkok make an effort to go. 🙂

It was awesome! There were some really interesting unique items and then also some things that you will see at every other market! My suggestion would be to really pick and choose the items you by now if you have a long trip ahead.

Visiting the Wats was an amazing experience!

Make sure you cover your knees and shoulders! Show some respect, people.

I suggest good comfy walking shoes – you will be doing LOTS of walking. Light cotton pants are the best, easier to walk in then a skirt and a short sleeve cotton or gauzy top.






Also, if you need a ‘Convenient Hotel’ near the airport you can stay at The Convenient Resort. Very very, very basic accommodations but they have a shuttle to and from BKK. The breakfast is toast, watermelon and cornflakes!

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