Ready, Set, Go!


I have been gearing up for my first rendezvous with South East Asia!

On Friday, I leave for a 3 week trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The last few weeks we have started hard core preparations. Since we have a specific timeline we want to make sure we coordinate our connections well and make sure that we get to see and experience as much as possible!!!

We decided to get our visas for Vietnam while still in the United States.

The Vietnamese Consulate General in San Francisco is easy to find with a great staff!

We ended up paying $100 in cash to purchase our visas – I think this is more than you would pay when you are actually in the country but I am not positive. A lot of things I read online said that the visa when purchased at the border was only $55 or so, but again I do not know fursure fursure and we were trying to be on the conservative side and have it completed now before we leave.

This is because our flight leaves from Hanoi so it is imperative that we make it into Vietnam.. so that we can fly home!

BUT I don’t want to start thinking about flying home yet.. since we haven’t even left!

Once our itinerary is complete I will share it here in hopes that it can help someone else plan their trip!

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