Sweeney Ridge Hike


More Information on the trail can be found on Bay Area Hiker.

I also love reading Yelp reviews.

My friend and I didn’t get started hiking until about 12:30 so the sun was already high in the sky and beaming down on us while we climbed up for 2 miles.

The first two miles are paved – which can be a turn off for some people, however, I did not mind. The rest of the trail was sandy.


The City of South San Francisco.



The picture above is where we stopped. In total we traveled 6.89 miles and it took right around two hours.

There are quite a few different paths you can take and I believe that the trails total around 15 miles.

I totally plan on coming back here! I even think it would be a great after work hike!

PROS: Love that it is so close to the city!

Love that you can diversify your hike every time.

Pet friendly! We saw lots of pups.

Cons: Close to the city… freeways and buildings are part of the view.

Partly paved.

During the week, you may encounter a truck driving up the trail to do maintenance.


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