2013: A real doozy of a year.

So much has happened this year and I find that most of what has taken place has not been photographed.

Relationships have grown and deepened while others have gone with the wind.

I got an out of college job, right out of college and it is more than I could have hoped for.

I have adventured and traveled more but probably spent one too many nights on my couch drinking wine.

Every moment I lived, I loved. Good or bad they were my moments, my teachings and I am just beyond with gratitude and love for the past year and a hope for 2014 – how can things possibly get better than this?!


2013 was truly, truly W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L

A few of my favorite moments this past year-

I was fortunate enough to see my Favorite basketball team LIVE a few times in 2013. GO OKC THUNDER! Paddle boarding became a regular weekend activity. Sailing, watching the America’s Cup races, COLLEGE GRADUATION!!!, Ice Skating, White water rafting, floating down the Russian River (also a re-occurring weekend activity), Mud Run, Nike Women’s Half Marathon, SKY Diving, Acro-yoga, Hiking Half Dome, 30 mile back country backpacking trip in Yosemite, wine tasting, beer sampling, napa valley. I traveled to Nicaragua and El Salvador and loved them both! The day to day things are also fantastic! Getting a full time job, walking to get groceries and BOBA, cinnamon roles and breakfast sandwiches from Devils Teeth and bagel sandwiches from Uncle Bennys. Picking up a free dresser and painting it – a DIY project that spanned months. Making dinner and learning how to cook as a 23 year old.

I am thankful to be on this journey, what a cool path it is.

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