Home sweet Homa

Howdy y’all from Oklahooommma!

I am spending the holidays with my family, here in the panhandle state.

I flew over Wednesday on Frontier airlines – I would not recommend flying frontier no matter how cheap the flight is.  My reasoning, they will charge you for a carry on – if you don’t check in online or book your ticket through them – there were A LOT of frustrated people on the flight because of this. Secondly, NO snack and NO soft drinks – WHAT? is this world coming to?! I wait in anticipation for my mid flight ginger ale… so I was very disappointed when I learned that would cost me an additional $1.99 – outrageous!

Other than my discovery of my dislike for Frontier, I arrived safely to Will Rogers Airport and was greeted by my family!

The last couple of days have been great! I am still working here – just remotely. I feel so lucky that I am able to work and spend time with my family.

I have loved waking up at my Grandma’s house and having a coffee with her in the morning before I start work.  Walking ohh about 500 feet to my Aunt’s house where there is WIFI (yes, my sweet little granny is internet-less) setting up shop and getting to work.

Instead of working in a modern city setting, I am working on a horse farm, the view from my desk is a blue barn, pond and horses.

The weather is a little different than what I am used to as well! When I flew in on Wednesday it was in the 50’s, however, this morning it is in the 30’s and getting colder. I am not used to this cold weather! If it is going to be this cold I hope it snows!!

Come on Santa! My Christmas wish this year is for some snow!

I have been coming to Oklahoma my whole life usually during the summer when I was younger and I have always loved it. There is a different feeling and different smell in the air. Life is different out here. Good … Bad – I don’t know – just different!



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