I am a firm believer in positive thought, in regards to just about everything.

Feeling sick – No I am NOT. – I feel great!

Bus is late and I will be late – Nah, now I just have more time to enjoy being outside.

My toes are so cold they are going to fall off! – At least I have toes!

ha ha see where I am going with this – I am such a positive person..

but lately I have been struggling. I just want to stay negative and let my anger stew a little… which, lets be real – is not a good thing!

The following quote abet a little silly has really been ringing true for me!

‘Our attitude is the crayon that colors our world’ – Allen Klein

Think about it – it makes sense right?!

Positive thoughts = positive actions = positive outcomes


Sweet, beautiful sunset in the sunset.


My fun winter printed – fleece lined – leggings at work today!


My secret santa stocking filled with lots of yummy treats!


Enjoying the small things – trying to stay happy and not get down about anything!

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