Joyful Jog

Yesterday afternoon my coworker Mon and I went for a run after work.  We keep talking about doing it and we finally did!

While it was chilly out – running definitely kept the body heat up!  So keep that in mind next time you tell yourself its too cold to run!

We ran along the Embarcadero, around Giants stadium and looped back to our office. It was 4.23 miles according to map my run app.


As we were running, Mon and I were both in awe of the beautiful city we live in! Both of us hail from small towns – and sometimes in the day to day its easy to forget how magnificent our City is!

Days like this, even though its colder than I like, I can not imagine living anywhere else. The city is pulsing with life and I am a part of that. Its exciting and crazy and I love it!

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