This week in review

Life has been busy lately – really busy. So busy that I can not even quantify what I have been doing.  When I started blogging I really wanted it to become a collection of things I enjoy on a day to day basis, however, it has been challenging the last few days to put a post together.

Here are a few pictures from the last week.


Thanksgiving day hike. Location: Trail behind UCSF.


Really loving Coconut Milk Egg Nog – SO Delish, really! – Have added to Coffee – Good. Have not tried spiking it yet – but I think it would be fine!


Our little Christmas Tree, that we got and decorated Saturday – while listening to some Nat King Cole.


Fire place decorations. Friendly tip: when you are picking up your tree ask them for the clippings.  You can use the clippings to spruce up a pre – existing wreath or add to vases for a Christmas bouquet.

In San Francisco this weekend it is supposed to dip below the 30 degree mark – I am hoping to stay inside for the majority of the weekend so I don’t freeze. What can I say, I am a coastal California girl so I don’t do to well with extreme temperatures!

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