Forget Black Friday Friday

Don’t get me wrong – I love shopping, just as much as the next gal or possibly even more. 

However, lately, I have been feeling so overwhelmed by the things I have – and the feeling that I always want more – or something new – or something that I don’t have yet. Ever get that feeling?! Like it has all become too much?! I am lucky that I can provide for myself – and for that ability and the independence it provides me I am grateful. Instead of spending more money on stuff, I want to invest, I want to explore, I want to give to others.

I just want to stop the shop-innnnngg.. Catch my drift, not saying you need to or should but just think about it.

Think about your goals, where you see yourself in 5 – 10 years, its scary I know. Where do you see yourself and with who – doing what? Chances are you see people not things – you want relationships and memories – not rooms full of stuff.

With that being said – Forget it – Forget Black Friday – instead cozy up with your loved ones – and enjoy it! Enjoy the moments not the materials. 


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