Little Joys

Where did this last year ago?

While last Thanksgiving seems like such a long time ago – I also can not believe that time has flown by so fast!

Everyday, I am overwhelmed by how good life is and how lucky I am to have the friends I do, live where I live, work where I work etc etc..

I am just so happy. 

A few good things right now:

1. Holiday shopping and not spending any money on myself AND listening to Christmas music in the stores.

2. Watching the 49ers whip the Redskins at HiTop while sharing a pitcher with my bestie.

3. Planning what dishes I want to prepare on Thanksgiving. My grannies cornbread stuffing and Pumpkin Rum Pie. My first Thanksgiving not with my family – its hard but will be okay. 

4. A visit with my old room mate who is recently engaged and just bought a home! 

It may not seem like much to some people – but these little things bring me such joy. 

Happy Pre Thanksgiving Y’all! 

2 thoughts on “Little Joys

  1. I can’t wait to catch up soon and hear how your first tgiving went (without the fam bam) – I’m sure it was a success!! 🙂


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