Lazy Dazy on Sundayz

After our party on Friday and a friend from out of town visiting Saturday I was ready for some bum-ness on Sunday.

The day started with a cup of Jo and curling up on the couch watching Friday Night Lights ( total obsession ). I just started watching a couple weeks ago!

Then it wasn’t until about 3 pm that my roommates J – K and I ventured out of the house.  We bundled and I mean seriously bundled up to take a bike ride down to the beach and get some fresh air and a brewsky at Park Chalet.

We sat outside on the patio – even though it was chilly – shared a pizza called FUNGHI and a pitcher of beer.

They don’t have the beer name on their current menu but it had notes of pecan and maple syrup and was AMAZE!

The pizza was so scrumptious! It had roasted mushrooms, rapini, smoked mozzarella, garlic and evoo.




Most of all.. it was great to spend time with my roommates – which we don’t do enough even though we live together!! That we had an amazing pizza and beer made it so much better!

After realizing that they have a taco tuesday menu – you betta believe I will be frequenting this establishment a little more often.


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