Free FALLin’

Ohhh boy… I am in total free fall for Fall! 

Spent the last weekend visiting my parents in SLO town. Image

Dayummmm look at those vineyards and foothills…. so gorge.  Why did I leave this area? Times like these when I am riding on the back of my Pops motorbike through rolling vineyards I don’t know why I did… but nonetheless it is always a joy to return, especially during the Fall time! 

Well my Dad and I went to a sweet little cafe by the train station in SLO… Sally Loo’s…where you could get anything to eat and it would be good BUT you should get the ACAI Bowl and forever be changed. Yes, I said it  life changing.  So go get you some.



After getting my fill of this sweet treat… the fam and I went down south about an hour to do a little hiking and also visit the Firestone Taproom in Buellton. 


First, we headed to the Bradbury Dam Vista Point right by Lake Cachuma and took a little trail that went up and down and all around the dam for a total of about 6 miles round trip.  Then we refueled at the Firestone Taproom – go try it, if you haven’t! If you are in Paso or Buellton not only should you taste some deliciously hoppy beer, but also try the amazzzing food! Honestly, Firestone is one of my fav breweries but don’t take my word for it…GO! 



“I’ve always believed that paradise will have my favorite beer on tap.” 
— Rudyard Wheatley

Firestone..hope I can get some 805 in heaven!

Cheers to a great FALL weekend.



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